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Medical Scribing


Are you looking for the best job-oriented courses in Kerala or India? Look no further! Medical scribing is the answer you’ve been searching for. As India’s healthcare services witness an exponential surge in demand, medical scribing has emerged as a highly sought-after skill, commanding top salaries and unparalleled job opportunities. Here, we will provide you with comprehensive information about studying a Medical Scribing course in Kerala.


Medical scribing presents a revolutionary solution in modern healthcare, alleviating doctors from burdensome documentation and clerical work generated by Electronic Health Records (EHR). Through real-time assistance, medical scribes utilize advanced technology like video calls or Google Lens to transcribe patient examinations, allowing doctors to focus more on patient care. With the aid of Google technology, scribes can virtually observe and hear everything the doctor experiences, no matter their location, forming an essential part of the medical care team and capturing the complete narrative of every patient visit. This collaborative and innovative approach not only streamlines the documentation process but also enhances the overall quality and efficiency of patient care.


We, Luminis School of Medical Scribing and Coding, a best Medical Scribing institute in Kerala, provides a Diploma Program in Medical Scribing aimed at preparing students to become internationally recognized medical scribes. The program, known as DPMS, is designed to offer industry-integrated, job-oriented training with 100% placement assistance. This program, developed and offered by ScribeAccred Certifications India Private Limited (also known as “SCI”), is registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, vides CIN-U85499KA2023PTC177584. The program comprises 2 levels of certifications.

Qualification to do medical scribe course in Kerala

Age: 18 - 25 Years old

Education: Plus two, Degree or diplomas in any subject.

Passionate to work in the health care industry.

If you wish to learn more about the fees and other details regarding the medical scribing course, get a free consultation from Luminis School, the best medical scribing institute in Kerala, by contacting us at +91 9946577999

What makes the Medical Scribing career popular in 2024?

Medical scribing in 2024 is not just a job – it’s a dynamic and in-demand career path. This is because of the exciting opportunities and job security that come with mastering this skill.

Starting salary ranging from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000

Work as Doctor's right-hand person for real-time documentation.

Working hours are only around 8 hours per day.

Work independently, directly for Doctors.

Fantastic and predictive career growth opportunities.

Exposure to the International Healthcare system.

Five days of work in a week.

Always relevant

Apart from these, the Medical Scribing career offers a clear path to advancement. After completing the Medical Scribing Course and training, you can become a doctor-approved medical scribe with a starting salary ranging from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month. This is just the beginning – with enthusiasm and dedication, you can easily climb the career ladder. That’s where the importance of medical scribing in job-oriented courses in Kerala after plus two.


Explore the Exciting Career Growth of a Medical Scribe – Everything You Need to Know Right Here!


Why Choose Luminis for Medical Scribe Certification Course?

Beyond just the course itself, the institute you choose will significantly impact your career. That’s why it’s crucial to pursue your medical scribe training in Kerala at the best institute. Your choice of institute can make all the difference in launching a successful and fulfilling career in healthcare.

Luminis has been at the forefront of medical scribing in Kerala, India for over a decade, showcasing excellence in training. Join us as we offer top-tier medical scribing courses across Kerala, providing you with the skills and knowledge to excel in this dynamic field.

Advantages of Luminis Institute of Medical Scribing

Both online and offline training

Economical Fee structure

100% Placement Assistance

Industry Trained faculties

Training program as per international standards and quality

Training in the universal language

Training by international qualified and experienced faculties in health care, medical scribing and medical coding

All training programs directed and coordinated by doctors

Complete trainer support

Placement Opportunity

6-months duration(tentative) with international quality

Placement support in varied Healthcare Management sector

On job Training

Institute quality and standards

Modernized infrastructure

A/c Classrooms

Quality Lab Facilities

Clean and hygiene classrooms and labs

These unique specialties have positioned us as one of the most sought-after medical scribing institutes in Kerala. If you’re eager to delve into the details of our medical scribing courses, simply pick up the phone and reach out. We’re just one call away from helping you achieve your career goals.

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What are the responsibilities of a medical scribe?

A medical scribe is responsible for accurately recording patient history, physical exams, procedures, and other pertinent information during medical appointments.

What qualifications do medical scribes have?

Medical scribes typically have a strong understanding of medical terminology, excellent typing skills, and a background in healthcare or related field.

How can I become a medical scribe?

To become a medical scribe, individuals can pursue training programs or certifications specifically designed for medical scribing roles.

What are the key skills needed to excel as a medical scribe?

Key skills for medical scribes include attention to detail, multitasking abilities, strong communication, and the ability to work well under pressure.

Can medical scribes work in specialized medical fields?

Yes, medical scribes can specialize in various medical fields such as cardiology, orthopedics, emergency medicine, and more, tailoring their documentation skills to specific areas of practice.

Is there a test to enter the college?

Yes, We conduct an entrance test before admission. Only selected candidates will get admitted to the course

How is medical scribing impacted by AI?

AI reduces the workload and thereby increases the opportunities in medical scribing. It also makes updates to the syllabus.